Handbook for managing projects professionally

The publication is not a project management textbook, but a practical handbook for project managers and administrators! If you have a specific project in your care and want to know what to do and how to do it in order to successfully handle a project, the handbook will take you through it step-by-step. A project is a time-limited and a one-time event, carried out with a temporary organization in a variable environment and with a specific purpose. Before using the handbook for the first time, read at least one example of unprofessional project management with remarks from professionals. You’ll find there common situations and the reasons for them.

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Effectively managing projects

The handbook is not about arbitrary but about professional project management.
The included Project Management Plan (PMP) serves for detailed planning of all steps and tasks necessary for managing a specific project. With each task of the project management plan we point out the most common mistakes made by project managers. That’s why one part of the handbook is the chapter List of the Most Common Mistakes of Project Managers. In the scope of the discussion forums on this Web page you can ask the authors of the handbook questions about its use. We will gladly advise you, or in the case of new problems, help you find a suitable solution.

Supporting documents for your projects

In the center of the handbook is a set of electronic templates of basic documents for project management, which we recommend using with each project.

A list and a brief description of all basic documents are found in the chapter List of basic documents for project management.

You’ll find the set of all templates on the CD which is included with the book or on this Web page (after entering the code).